Your one-stop software solution for simple CBAM compliance

We at kolum are building software that allows EU companies to become fully compliant with all Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) provisions.
Manage your non-EU imports, automatically calculate your emissions, communicate with your suppliers, and conveniently create and submit your CBAM reporting.

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Your one-stop software solution for all things CBAM

EU companies can use the kolum platform to manage all of their CBAM requirements with a few clicks. Automatically calculate carbon emissions attached to your imports, communicate with your suppliers, and conveniently create, manage, and submit your CBAM reports.

All in one place, zero hassle.

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Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism

Understanding the new EU regulation

The European Comission published and put into force the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) in May 2023. The aim of the CBAM is to equalize the CO2 price paid by European producers, thus counteracting the relocation of companies and emissions. Initially, this concerns imports of cement, iron and steel, aluminium, fertilisers, electricity and hydrogen.
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What does this mean for my company?

EU companies importing cement, iron and steel, aluminium, fertilisers, electricity or hydrogen from non-EU countries are obliged to comply with the CBAM regulation as of 1 October 2023:

Emission Measurement

Based on the imported goods, companies, together with their suppliers, are required to measure the carbon emissions during the production process.

Import Reporting

Companies need to regularly report on their imported relevant goods, along with detailed data on the non-EU partner they are purchasing from.

Certificate Purchase and Reporting

To encourage cleaner industrial production in non-EU countries, from 2026 onwards EU companies need to purchase CBAM certificates to offset the carbon price that would have been paid for the production of the imported goods in the EU.


What can kolum do for you?

kolum is your one-stop software solution for the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. Our end-to-end solution allows you to manage all things CBAM conveniently in one place.

Import Management

Conveniently add your imports in a few clicks to always keep an overview. Later, they are automatically aggregated for your quarterly CBAM report.

Global Supplier Database

Connect to your suppliers by accessing our global supplier database or add new suppliers in under 3 minutes.

Automated Emission Calculation

Use kolum to automatically calculate the emissions embedded in your imports. Our technology supports you in reporting your emission data in accordance with the accepted CBAM method.

Report Submission and Management

At the end of each quarter, create your CBAM-compliant report with one click - correctly formated and ready for submission.

CBAM Declarant Registration

Register your company as a CBAM Declarant with just a few clicks and manage all things CBAM right from the kolum web app.
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CBAM Certificate Management

Conveniently purchase your required amount of CBAM certificates - supported by our analysis technology to always find the optimum time to buy. Conveniently create your certificate reports with a few clicks.
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Interface to ERP solutions

Connect kolum to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software to automatically keep your CBAM-relevant imports and related emissions up to date.
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EU Company Representatives

Manage multiple companies as their Representative and submit their emissions and certificate reports directly from the kolum web app.
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Join us on our way towards a one-stop software solution for CBAM compliance.

Your one-stop software solution for CBAM compliance.
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